Heavy Equipment Repairs

Specialized Heavy Equipment Repairs for excavators, log loaders, tug boats, off-highway logging trucks & more

Heavy Equipment Maintenance is crucial

Routine heavy machinery maintenance plan improves equipment safety and the general work environment. Since you know that each part will work as intended, you don’t have to worry about something breaking down and injuring a worker.

Heavy equipment maintenance also increases efficiency by detecting signs of wear and damage. You can ensure all parts are in good working order when doing the necessary mechanical repairs. As a result, you can use your equipment to its full potential and maintain high productivity.

Specialized Heavy Equipment Repairs

With Select Steel, you can be sure that your heavy equipment repairs will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Whether you need repairs for excavators, log loaders, tug boats, or off-highway logging trucks, we can help.


Quality workmanship for Insurance repairs

We specialize in insurance repairs for equipment that has been damaged and also provide specialty boom repairs for long-reach excavators. Our team of experienced technicians will provide you with quality workmanship and use only the best parts and materials to restore your equipment to peak condition.

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