Aluminum Fabrication & Welding

We are dedicated to excellence in Precision Aluminum Fabrication & Welding

Specialized Aluminium Fabrication

At Select Steel, we are experienced with the challenges of aluminum fabrication and have the expertise to provide the precision metal fabrication service you need. From the softer metal to heat deflection, we understand the specifications for proper metal fusion.

The Advantages of Aluminum

Aluminum offers designers and metal workers several advantages, such as corrosion resistance, lightweight, and strength. In addition, aluminum also has a non-sparking and non-magnetic quality, making it a popular alternative to steel in the precision metal fabrication industry. Select Steel gives you the quality fabrication service you need for your aluminum applications.

& Standards

America Welding Society Certified Procedure Certified
Canadian Welding Bureau Certified CSA standard W47.1 / WS9

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