Field Services

  • Maintenance, Repairs and Installation can all be completed with our Mobile Service Trucks
  • All Trucks have Welding units on board

Sandblasting & Painting

  • We have in-house Sandblasting and can prepare your Steel surfaces properly and efficiently to your requirements
  • Our Painting shop capabilities can range from standard shop primer to epoxy and/or polyurethane finishes
  • Our paint booth is capable of 16′ x 50′ x 16′

Engineer & Design

  • Retain structural engineering in welded connections & structural design.

Heavy Equipment Repair

  • Specializing in Insurance Repair
  • Rebuild of Attachments, Buckets, Crushers, Shears
  • Custom Design Attachments
  • Complete Mechanical Rebuilds for Off Highway Trucks, Yarding Cranes, Log Loaders, and Tug Boats